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Candles and Diffusers

The soy candles are special mixes of essential oils and hand poured. There are currently 17 different scents and the burn time is approximately 32 hours. 

There are 10 different car diffuser scents at the moment. If you want a stronger scent, tip the diffuser over so the wood cap gets wet. 

Art Prints

The 6"x6" art prints are offered in cardstock and on canvas frames. The 3"x3" magnets are stretched canvas on foam. All art began as a painting I did on canvas which I then digitized for printing. 

A210_Beware of Cerberus.jpg
B407d Naruto.JPG
B411a Wicca.JPG
B401a Pokemon.JPG
B409f Fairy Tail Dragons.JPG
B301b Circle Paw Print Heart_edited.jpg


Pyrography pieces include small and medium boxes, plaques, 6"x6" signs, 12"x8" signs and ornaments. All pyrography is done by hand with a pyrography pen, then watercolor is added in most cases. Finally, every piece is then stained in one of three shades, each pictured here. 


We offer a Four Elements and Quarters mini altar kit for traveling or to keep on you for whenever you may need it. The magick spell jars, necklaces and keychains are offered in five options: protection, money, luck, self-love and healing. 

Magick candles are coming soon. 

Spell Jars and Mini Altar Kit
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